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What is the best air purifier?

Which new air purifiers are available in 2021 and how do you know which is the best air purifier? At VOQ we have reviewed the latest releases of air purifiers and conclude that the air purifier by LEVOIT is one of the best air purifiers in 2021. Which air purifier is a good alternative and how do the air purifiers compare to one another? Look at the following list of the best-selling air purifiers for a detailed review of the different brands and their benefits. With this air purifier comparision you can see all air purifiers at a glance and buy the best air purifier online.

Ranking of the best air purifiers (July 2021)

In our top list, we consider only the best air purifier brands

air purifier buying guide

Are you looking to buy the best air purifier for your home but aren’t sure where to start? You certainly aren’t the only one, with many people unsure of what they need to look for when buying an air purifier for the first time.

A good air purifier is an excellent investment for your home and with a bit of research, you should find it easy enough to find the best choice for your home. Check the guide below for all the information you need to find the best air purifier:

A short explanation: What are air purifiers?

An air purifier is a device used to cleanse the air of various contaminants such as dust, pet dander, pollen, and chemicals. By drawing these particles from the air, the purifier helps to produce clean and pure air that is easier to breathe.

What are the benefits of good air purifiers

Every home has contaminants in the air - even those that are immaculately clean! The best air purifier devices will help remove these particles and provide you with cleaner air to breathe. This is especially beneficial for anyone that suffers from allergies or breathing-related health issues such as asthma, as the devices help purify the air to make it easier to breathe.

Beyond this, an air purifier can help remove unpleasant odours that may linger in the air while generally improving your home’s cleanliness.

How to choose the best air purifier in 2021?

If you are struggling to find the right air purifier then check out some of these tips below for how to choose the best device for your home:

  • Size : Be sure to check the size of the air purifier to make sure it meets your needs, as going too small may mean it won’t purify all the air in a large room. Check the square footage rating on any device and see if this is large enough for whatever room you plan on using the purifier in.
  • Efficiency : Not all air purifiers have the same efficiency, meaning they may not remove all the particles from the air. You will usually find that best air purifiers are highly efficient and remove up to 99% of particles, while entry-level models may only remove around 30-40%.
  • Extra Features : Air purifiers come with all kinds of useful features you may want. For instance, pre-filters can remove larger particles and help increase the lifespan of internal filters, while things like adjustable fan speed, digital controls, filter replacement notifications, and programmable timers are all common features found on many air purifiers.

Which type of air purifiers are available to buy?

There are several types of air purifiers available, with each one categorised by the filter technology used. Each has its advantages, so let’s take a closer look:

  • HEPA air purifier: High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filters are the most advanced type of air purifier money can buy. While more expensive than others, HEPA air purifiers use a fine mesh to capture and remove up to 99% of pollutants from the air.
  • Carbon Filter air purifier: Featuring a porous carbon within the filter, these types of air purifiers have some of the highest absorption rates so are very efficient at removing odours and smoke. Many air purifiers use a combo of carbon and HEPA filters for even more efficiency.
  • UV air purifiers: These purifiers use a UV filter that is highly effective at removing germs and bacteria from the air. However, they aren’t as efficient at removing finer particles, so are usually combined with other types of filters for maximum efficiency.

Best air purifiers on YouTube

Which air purifiers are recommended on YouTube? Check this video for further information on how to find the best air purifier.