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What is the best beard oil?

Which new beard oils are available in 2021 and how do you know which is the best beard oil? At VOQ we have reviewed the latest releases of beard oils and conclude that the beard oil by Honest Amish is one of the best beard oils in 2021. Which beard oil is a good alternative and how do the beard oils compare to one another? Look at the following list of the best-selling beard oils for a detailed review of the different brands and their benefits. With this beard oil comparision you can see all beard oils at a glance and buy the best beard oil online.

Ranking of the best beard oils (May 2021)

In our top list, we consider only the best beard oil brands

beard oil buying guide

Beards are back in fashion and there is nothing better for maintaining your facial hair than a good beard oil. More popular than they’ve ever been, beard oils are a great addition to your daily skincare routine but finding the right oil for your beard can be difficult with so many products to choose from.

Check the below guide for all the info you need to buy the best beard oil!

A short explanation: What are beard oils?

Beard oils are a cosmetic product that nourish the skin and beard. Made with a wide variety of essential and carrier oils, a beard oil is massaged into the beard and skin to provide hydration. It works to both moisturise the skin while nourishing facial hair to give it a natural shine.

What are the benefits of good beard oils

Buying a good beard oil is highly recommended for anyone with a beard. This is because it helps to maintain the quality of the beard and helps to keep skin hydrated. After applying a few drops of oil, the beard immediately begins to feel softer and less dry or brittle, while skin also gets a nice boost of moisturiser.

Beard oils also make it easier to style your beard. With a few drops massaged into the beard, f acial hair can be combed to sit much tidier, leaving you and your beard looking well-groomed. They can also offer relief for anyone with dry and sensitive skin, which often makes growing a beard difficult.

How to choose the best beard oil in 2021?

Choosing a cosmetic product like a beard oil is often challenging. There are countless variations available and many ingredients to consider, so finding a beard oil that is suitable for your beard does require some research.

Here are some tips for how to choose the right beard oil:

  • Natural Ingredients: Always make sure that the beard oil uses natural ingredients, as these are best for your skin and facial hair. Because beard oils are so popular there are many cheaply manufactured products that contain harsh ingredients such as fragrance oils. These offer few benefits to the skin or hair and can even cause irritations, so always look for natural essential and carrier oils.
  • Skin and Hair Type: Is your skin or facial hair dry? Do you have sensitive skin? Is your beard naturally oily? Be sure to consider your skin and hair type to make sure you choose an oil with suitable ingredients. For instance, if you have dry and flaky skin then castor oil is a great ingredient, while jojoba oil is ideal for people with dry and frizzy facial hair.
  • Smell: Most beard oils are scented so make sure you choose a smell that you find pleasant. This is entirely subjective but be mindful that some scents are more overpowering than others. Some use more natural smells such as citrus fruits while others more unique scents like woods and leathers.
Which type of beard oils are available to buy?

There are countless types of beard oils on the market and any one of these can be perfect for you. To make finding the perfect beard oil easier we’re going to break them down by their carrier oils, which are the main ingredient found in beard oils.

  • Jojoba Beard Oil: One of the most popular types of carrier oils found in beard oil, jojoba oil is the perfect oil for people with senstive skin as it is a lighter oil so less likely to cause irritation. It’s also great for taming frizzier beards.
  • Argan Beard Oil: Another hugely popular carrier oil, argan oil is suitable for most skin types but is great for anyone with dry skin as it helps to rehydrate skin while reducing inflammation. It also provides a pleasant shine finish to the beard.
  • Grape Seed Beard Oil:This type of beard oil is another great option for anyone with dry skin, as it’s known for its powerful moisturising quality while also leaving behind little oily residue.
  • Castor Beard Oil: Although a thicker oil, castor oil offers plenty of hydration for drier skin and facial hair, providing a lovely sheen while preventing split ends and brittleness. It also has an antibacterial properties so can be a good choice for people with acne or ingrown hairs.

Best beard oils on YouTube

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