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What is the best messenger bag?

Which new messenger bags are available in 2021 and how do you know which is the best messenger bag? At VOQ we have reviewed the latest releases of messenger bags and conclude that the messenger bag by Timbuk2 is one of the best messenger bags in 2021. Which messenger bag is a good alternative and how do the messenger bags compare to one another? Look at the following list of the best-selling messenger bags for a detailed review of the different brands and their benefits. With this messenger bag comparision you can see all messenger bags at a glance and buy the best messenger bag online.

Ranking of the best messenger bags (December 2021)

In our top list, we consider only the best messenger bag brands

messenger bag buying guide

Looking for the best messenger bag that money can buy? Then you certainly won’t be spoiled for choice, with countless styles available to suit all tastes and preferences. That said, all these options can make choosing the right messenger bag quite difficult, as there are so many options!

Check out this handy buying guide for all the information you need to find the best messenger bag for your needs!

A short explanation: What are messenger bags?

A messenger bag is single strap bag worn across one shoulder, with the bag sitting around the lower back. Also called a courier bag, a messenger bag is a very popular style of bag for both men and women, with various designs, colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

What are the benefits of good messenger bags

You cannot go wrong with a good messenger bag. Much smaller and cumbersome than a backpack, a messenger bag is stylish but versatile, working as a great fashion accessory and a very useful bag for carrying your belongings. As it’s one of the most popular styles of bag available, you can find a great messenger bag for any occasion. Whether you need it for carrying around work documents, your laptop, gym clothes, or just as a fashion accessory, a messenger bag has countless uses that make it a worthwhile investment.

How to choose the best messenger bag in 2021?

Like with any bag, finding the best messenger bag is all down to your personal requirements. So, to make it easier to find the right bag for you. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Purpose: Do you need the messenger bag for a specific purpose? For instance, if you want to carry a laptop for work or school, then a messenger bag with padding is recommended as it will offer suitable protection. Always think about what you plan on using it for so you know what features to look for in the bag!
  • Capacity: Messenger bags come with varying capacities so always think about how much space you need inside. Smaller bags are typically preferred for fashion and general use, while larger capacities are usually more suitable for work or school. Consider what’s going inside to bag most days to help find the right capacity for your needs.
  • Features: There are many features you might find useful in a messenger bag. An obvious one is padding for a laptop, while lots of compartments is a popular choice for organising work and school documents. Other potentially useful features including stabilizing straps for cyclists, padded straps for extra comfort, a carry handle in the middle, etc.
Which type of messenger bags are available to buy?

There are many types of messenger bags available, with some of the most popular including:

  • Classic Messenger Bag: This is the original style for a messenger bag and is typically made from synthetic materials to make them water-resistant. Most design features are tailored towards cyclists, such as adjustable straps, a quick release buckle, and an additional stabilising strap to stop it from swinging around when cycling.
  • Briefcase Design: Most modern messenger bags have a briefcase design, although it typically strays from the classic box shape of an old briefcase. Instead, it features rounded corners, while materials like canvas and leather are used and there are various internal compartments to store various things. Best-suited for work, school, or even as a fashion statement.
  • Vertical Messenger Bag: Another modern style of messenger bags, this one is much smaller, featuring a square design than rectangular. Also tends to rest at the side of the wearer rather than at the lower back like with a larger messenger bag. It’s more suited to general day to day use due to its smaller capacity

Best messenger bags on YouTube

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