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What is the best olive oil?

Which new olive oils are available in 2021 and how do you know which is the best olive oil? At VOQ we have reviewed the latest releases of olive oils and conclude that the olive oil by Pompeian is one of the best olive oils in 2021. Which olive oil is a good alternative and how do the olive oils compare to one another? Look at the following list of the best-selling olive oils for a detailed review of the different brands and their benefits. With this olive oil comparision you can see all olive oils at a glance and buy the best olive oil online.

Ranking of the best olive oils (July 2021)

In our top list, we consider only the best olive oil brands

olive oil buying guide

Unless you are a cooking enthusiast, choosing the best olive oil can be difficult. With so many options available it can be hard to determine which olive oil is the best for your needs, as different oils are suitable for different types of cooking and preparation.

Check out the buying guide below for all the information you need to find the best olive oil!

A short explanation: What are olive oils?

Olive oil is a popular cooking oil made from pressed olives. Used as both a cooking fat and for dressing, olive oil provides many health benefits and is widely viewed as one of the best cooking oils that money can buy.

What are the benefits of good olive oils

Beyond its pleasant taste, olive oil has many benefits that make it a great buy for any kitchen. For example, it is the healthiest cooking oil available. This is because the extraction process is entirely chemical-free, making it the purest oil you can cook with. Packed with healthy fats (and no bad fats unlike other cooking oil), olive is also rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and various other nutrients, so it’s generally viewed as the best oil you can use for cooking.

How to choose the best olive oil in 2021?

Struggling to find the right olive oil? Check out some tips below for how to choose a suitable oil:

  • Harvest Date: One of the few disadvantages of olive oil is its relatively short shelf life. To ensure maximum flavour and reduce the chances of it going off, look for a harvest date that is relatively recent, avoiding anything that has more than 12 months. You can use the expiration date if there is no harvest date, choosing anything that has at least 12 months left before it expires.
  • Country of Origin: The best olive oil comes from Italy, so if you can try to buy one from this country. Other Mediterranean countries such as Span and Greece are great choices too, although be sure to check that the oil was grown in the country and not just bottled there!
  • Use: If you plan on using the olive oil mostly as a cooking fat, then a lower-priced option should suffice. Much of the flavour and aroma disappear when the oil is heated, so don’t waste money on something expensive if it’s getting heated. If the olive is being used mostly as a condiment, consider extra virgin types as these have the most flavour when unheated.
Which type of olive oils are available to buy?

There are several types of olive oil available. Some are packed with flavour and others are not the best quality, while some have subtle differences that you may not even notice. Let’s take a closer look at each type of olive oil:

  • Extra Virgin Oil: Usually viewed as the best olive oil, extra virgin has the highest antioxidant content and is extracted using no chemicals or solves, making it the healthiest type available. It’s extracted using a cold-press which helps to retain all the natural olive flavour.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: Like extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil is unrefined so has no chemical content and packs plenty of flavour, although it is slightly more acidic. This doesn’t impact the taste too much, with virgin olive oil also being cheaper than extra virgin.
  • Refined olive Oil: This is the cheapest available as it is made by refining virgin olive oil. As a result, the oil has less acidity but it tends to lose a lot of the flavour and nutrients. It’s very cheap though and quite a good option for cooking.

Best olive oils on YouTube

Which olive oils are recommended on YouTube? Check this video for further information on how to find the best olive oil.